Infill Bionic Fibre

Infill Bionic Fibre – Naturally better!

Organic structures and shapes are uneven, giving them their natural appearance. It is in this way that nature has created shapes which people find exceptionally pleasant. Nature is also the model for the latest generation of infill granules: Infill Bionic Fibre.

Natural grain shape

The natural shape is the key to the excellent bulk density. It achieves a clearly superior bulk density in comparison with standard granules. The bionic surface and grain shape of Infill Bionic Fibre support the adhesion of water and dew. This ensures a specially natural form of sliding on the artificial turf. Also when it is dry, the new generation of infill is clearly more natural, less blunt and softer. The stimulative nature for fair tacklings and other slidings increase, thus a natural form of play characteristics results.

Sports functional

The use of rubber for the filling of artificial turf pitches is recommended by sports associations and sports physicians as it protects the skin and limbs. New Infill Bionic Fibre is exceedingly kind on the skin due to its unique grain shape and organic surface structure. It also fulfils all sports functional requirements, such as  force reduction and ball bounce.

Soft, natural and elastic

Infill Bionic Fibre stands out due to its soft surface and natural visuals. Its water adhesion improves the sliding attributes. The material offers good traction and permanently sustainable elasticity. Natural one-to-one duels such as tackling are possible in almost the same way as they are on natural turf and the sports  functionality lasts an artificial turf lifetime.

System compatible

Tested down to the last detail for its material compatibility, Infill Bionic Fibre from sulphur cured EPDM is a genuine multitalent. It is optimally suited to all artificial turf systems with monofilament fibres, to certified systems and intensively used artificial turf pitches. It naturally satisfies all the current national and  international standards applicable to artificial turf systems.

Infill Bionic Fibre in a comparison

Thanks to the organic form of its material, Infill Bionic Fibre® combines many of the advantages of natural materials with the reliable durability of a proven sulfur cured EPDM infill granulate.

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Proven quality

In practical use, infill granules have to withstand rugged conditions, intensive mechanical pressures and high stress caused by sunlight and fluctuating climatic conditions. The mechanical stability was tested at Hargrove Mill as per DIN 51742 and in the Lisport test. Long-term durability was demonstrated by ageing with UVA and UVB radiation as stipulated by DIN EN ISO 4892 3, similarly to the standards for component testing. As practical demonstration we equipped numerous pitches. Naturally, the material also complies with all the usual national standards for artificial turf pitches.

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